What Are the Best Countries to Visit in Eastern Europe?

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Eastern Europe is a diverse region with an interesting history. Many nationalities and cultures live in the area and some of the countries were formed relatively recently.

However, most countries in the area have a rich history. Many capital cities and other major cities in the region date back to the Middle Ages and even earlier.

There is a lot of historic architecture in Eastern Europe: castles, old bridges and medieval towns. The major cities in the region are also great destinations for shopping, nightlife or luxury weekend breaks.

The Czech Republic

Prague Czech RepublicThe Czech Republic is sometimes considered more Central Europe than Eastern Europe.

One of the most visited countries in the region, the Czech Republic is most famous for its capital Prague. It is a city of historic architecture, art, culture, museums, and a vibrant nightlife as well as great shopping.

The Czech Republic boasts many other interesting destinations too; it is a good idea to get away from Prague to see the rest of the country. Many destinations attract especially those who love medieval history: castles, old towns and villages. There are also many great spas and spa hotels for luxury or health breaks.


Ljubljana SloveniaSlovenia is an increasingly popular destination in Eastern Europe. It has not yet been discovered by mass tourism, but it is popular enough to have a wide choice of accommodation and other services for tourists.

The capital Ljubljana is an historic city with a picturesque old town and several interesting art galleries, museums and buildings. There are excellent restaurants, caf├ęs, bars and night clubs in Ljubljana, and it is also becoming a great shopping destination. Outside the capital, Slovenia offers a wide range of nature attraction: countryside, mountains, lakes (such as the beautiful Lake Bled) and cycling or hiking paths.

The Baltic Countries

Tallinn EstoniaThe Baltic Countries Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are all fascinating vacation destinations. The most popular with foreign visitors is Estonia and especially its capital Tallinn, but Lithuania and Latvia are receiving an increasing number of foreign tourists.

All countries have capital cities with medieval town centers, and a coastline on the Baltic Sea that is famous for its rugged and peaceful beaches.


Budapest HungaryHungary belongs to the best countries to visit in Eastern Europe and its top destination is its capital Budapest. With its beautiful architecture, castles, bridges and Gothic churches, Budapest is a romantic city with a lot of atmosphere.

Its health spas have been famous for centuries, and today Budapest is also a vibrant modern city that has a lot in common with Western European cities. Outside Budapest Hungary has some great places to visit, including its famous medieval castles and the picturesque Lake Balaton region.


Krakow PolandPoland is another rising tourist destination in Eastern Europe. Although Warsaw is its capital and n interesting city to visit, Poland’s most popular destination is the smaller Krakow.

This city is full of history, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, medieval town squares, Gothic churches and castles. Outside Krakow, the Auschwitz-Birkenau World War 2 concentration camps are a must-visit site for anyone who wants to understand Europe’s recent history.

With so many interesting destinations, it is challenging to choose the best countries to visit in Eastern Europe. Fortunately traveling between the various countries is easy. Low-cost airlines operate in Eastern Europe, and train travel is comfortable and cheap.

Setting Up The Bait – The World’s Best Fishing Spots

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fishing-baitThere can be nothing as calming as sitting on the banks of a water body, sun cap on, bait set and line waiting to reel in the catch of the day. Whether you are in a boat, on land or even sitting on a precarious ledge, there are some fishing spots in the world that are simply impossible to beat. Here are some of the best global fishing spots that you absolutely must visit.

Lough Corrib in Connemara Ireland is one such fishing destination. The month of May is the best month to catch some red-colored Corrib Trout. The village takes on a festive atmosphere with fishermen congregating from all around on this little fishing spot. Fish the traditional way by hooking a live mayfly, and holding it on the surface of the water to bring in the trout.

Prince Edward Island, famously called PEI, is located in Canada and is surrounded by other islands as well. PEI is one of three maritime provinces in the world and is the smallest nation in terms of area it covers as well as population. Its scenic beauty gives it several other nicknames. The fishing opportunities here are plenty here, and you can set out at any time of the day or night.

Greece’s Ionian Islands: A collection of islands that is located to the west of Greece and reminiscent of classic Italy. They get plenty of rainfall, have lush greenery and fishing spots that will make you feel good about the sport. There are several private boats that will take you to some of the best spots for fishing, and you can spend an entire day out on the calm waters here. Just be sure to book ahead as hotels fill up fast in high season.

fishingSouth Stradbroke Island, Queensland, Australia — You may not leave with baskets full of fish, but you will get a chance to catch flatheads right on the surface of the water. Besides that, you will be able to see several humpback whales trying to touch the horizon and numerous wallabies poking their heads out of the sand dunes. There is so much to entice you into casting your line out into the sea here.

Rio Grande, Tierra del Fuego in Argentina is considered the Mecca of fly fishing. It can be an expensive affair and will take you a while to get organized, but once you have done the paperwork and gotten the right materials for the task, you are in for a brilliant adventure.

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