Top 5 Canadian Vacations Spots for 2016

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Canada has some of the most culturally influenced, diverse, and natural to cosmopolitan like environmental standards and experiences known to man around the globe.

Whether you seek a natural environmental, such as the polar Yukon in the far northwest, to a metropolitan experience in a place like Toronto (or giving Montreal a spin!), Canada has a little piece of home to offer to anyone and everyone.

Combined with French and English, Canada offers it’s tourists from around the globe a cultural immersion experience that’s sure to knock their socks’ off, climates ranging from normal season patterns to polar ice, environmental awareness through the roof, and cuisines to drive anyone’s taste-buds wild!

Toronto, Canada

A beautiful water view of Toronto, Canada

We put Toronto at the top of our list because it offers one of the largest city environments and experiences throughout. With one of the world’s once largest skyscrapers (think: Sky Walk), you can imagine yourself in a cleaner, safer, and friendlier New York City. From Koreatown to heritage based French cuisines, there’s a little bit of something for everyone!

Toronto also has pockets within its city known as little India, and even Greektown! Every visitor feels welcome, and in this lush and lavish city the adventures are countless!

The Royal Ontario Museum is a site to see, modernized and equipped to tell the stories of the Canadian heritage and culture, while smaller museums fill the pockets of both old and modern Canadian history.

If you fancy architecture and art, then the Art Gallery of Ontario has many beautiful, long-lived famous paintings to view, and you can top off such an adventure with a visit to Casa Loma, a beautiful, real-life Castle! End your visit with a stop at the Toronto Zoo, and see some of the world’s most amazing animals–including the Grizzly Bear!

Finish your trip at the St. Lawrence Market! You can find nearly any and every kind of vendor here, mingle with the locals, and experience all the different foods, clothing styles, and other trending items that Toronto has to offer!

Quebec City, Canada

Aerial view of Quebec City, Canada

Similarly to Montreal, Quebec City is filled with 17th and 18th century architecture, cafes, restaurants and shopping centers up the wazoo’!

The environmentally friendly components of this city is recognizably one to follow by other countries, and the bicycle seems to be the dominant mode of transportation here!

Without traveling to France itself, the cobblestone streets, their small size, and the French language usage here is sure to fool anyone and provide them with the ultimate French experience–even know they haven’t crossed the Atlantic!

Vancouver, British Columbia

The Burrard Bridge in Vancouver Canada

While having a ‘metropolis’ of its own, Vancouver also touts endless forests, zip lining activities, bridge-walking, and the ultimate pub-experience!

Known originally as a ‘gastown’, this was a place for settlers and workers to hit the local pubs, socialize, and put in work locally or visit during travels and work commutes on the sea.

Vancouver has some of the most stunning views, and is a nice mixture between a rural and suburbia-like experience!

Victoria & Vancouver Island, Canada

Victoria and Vancouver Island, Canada

If you’re seeking to experience a British-influenced colonial environment, then Vancouver Island is the perfect place to start!

Although an island, having tea and visiting the parliament are of easy-nature, and meeting new people and making friends is a breeze in this colonized island!

Fill your time with exploring museums, or take a ride on the local ferry! The harbor views are stunning, and are sure to fill your mind with the love, memory, and heritage of Canadian lifestyle!

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Halifax City Nova Scotia, Canada

As far North as it is, Nova Scotia is not impossible to find! Nova Scotia is actually popularized by its bustling city known as Halifax, offering breathtaking views of the ocean and a culture that’s sure to make anyone feel welcome!

Between its port-businesses and multicultural epicenter, Halifax is sure to hit the spot with its wide seafood selection, usage of the French language, and sights to see! Halifax is full of sky-scraping condominiums, high-class restaurants, cafes, bars and more!

Check out the local Halifax Harbor Ferry, the museums, Point Pleasant Park, the Waterfront Boardwalk, and the popular Halifax Central Library! If you enjoy horticulture then the Halifax Public Gardens are sure to take your breath away!

Canada in general being as environmentally friendly as it is, holds some of the most fascinating, natural, wildlife preservation, and even hiking trails and camp-sites that words alone cannot depict the beauty of!

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